About Us

In 2021, Avangard Technologies founded in Jordan as a starting point to begin its story of success, identifying Avangard as a strategic partner for those who want to begin their journey with the Digital Transformation.

Avangard believes in Amplifying Business by Simplifying Operations, with wide range of offerings in software, professional services and turnkey solutions that fit market needs for all sectors and industries.

With over 15 years of experience in local and international companies and market we believe that we can provide the fit solution for each one of our customers


Avangard mission is to spread the Digital Transformation era.


We're looking beyond the traditional boundaries and reimagining, redesigning and enhancing the workspace and workflow for any type of business.

Avangard vision is to move and travel with each organization from a rigid, old methodology to a totally new environment that minimizes the business risk and enhance the operations by unlocking the creativity and get benefit of each human being, release the hidden energy wasted in the old school procedures.